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Weft weft feeder drum fixed works

Weft drum stationary, by turning the wing around the weft yarn in the weft around the drum surface. Weft yarn through the eye and ceramic hollow shaft through the motor and the motor together with the rotating yarn wing, the weft around the oscillating plate, the vibration plate with the oscillation drive to put the yarn circle stationary weft roller. Photoele tric sensor used to monitor the amount of yarn around, when the yarn circle around to the mirror to block when the motor stops turning, no longer around the yarn, and vice versa. Block off the lift and fall latitude to control the length of each weft insertion of the weft, when the weft weft stop selling when filed, the weft in the main nozzle flow under the effect of traction on the drum begins to take off weft. Ring sets of rollers in the head end of weft, the weft have some friction, to prevent the weft yarn twist, and control on the weft from the weft unwinding roller balloon when the balloon shape to reduce the tension.





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