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Air-jet loom weaving weft feeder communication failure with the solution

        PAT-A-jet looms due to the use of a very long time, often the fault code was 673, meaning a weft storage device can not communicate with the loom, this problem is rather common, we figured out receives loom weft signal and sends signals to the loom of the context, the problem can be solved.


    Weft storage device and communication related to the SPU board loom, power supply board and weft weft storage device, in addition to two connecting cables, looms in the SPU board to send signal from the microcontroller output peripheral interface chip R65C52P214 feet by the in-phase output by output in phase with the drive 74HCT541 in the weft with the transceiver power supply board, just from the SPU board point of view, I do not know where the loom weft storage device to receive signals, but the signal is received in the SPU board, the original cunning Belgian electricity box with a wire back to 30d and 28d, 30b and 28b connected together, so the signal can be transmitted from the 28b and 28d to the receiver SN75175.

    Power supply board in the weft has a transceiver SN75176, loom weft feeder and send and receive signals are passed through this manifold, in the weft storage device by the microcontroller to send and receive pins to complete the signal transmission process,


    Find out the loom weft feeder and communication process, we can repair this failure to start, press the start button, the loom can not operate, display code 673, 832 can be used to detect hacking communication, if that communication does not display STATUS problem, if the display is a communication problem FAIL, using compressed air to clean the first two cable plugs, SPU board power supply board with weft weft feeder cable to plug the power board, power supply board with weft weft feeder cable two plugs, cleaning effectively seated and tighten the screws, and then test to see if code 832 back to normal, if not normal, then have to replace three board, according to my experience the best of the SPU board may be bad , followed by the power supply board and weft weft board.


    For the maintenance of communication failure with the SPU board in the dynamics of the loom, according to the above stated communication loop to find the point of failure in turn, in the communication loop to find a few points out of welding wire, also defended a ground, the code running on the loom 832, with a multimeter between the amount of a few leads and the ground voltage, if the signal to something normal, then this universal form of deflection of the pointer will indicate a problem, then find what the lead is damaged or broken components on the obvious .





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